Castile Soap, Dual Lye - Orange & Black Pepper

Ocealy's Castille Soap is gentle for your skin, even in very hard water. Our soap can be used on all skin types. It cleanses without irritating the skin. It naturally contains glycerin, a moisturizing agent, to keep hydrated and soft.

Our orange fragrance with a hint of black pepper is modern and refreshing.

Our Castile soap bar is also environmentally friendly.

When used, Castile soaps, like all high-oleic soaps, may create naturally on their surface a gelatinous goo. To reduce this, Ocealy's Castille Soap is made using two different lyes (sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide). We designed our Castille Soap recipe carefully to also improve solubility and lather.

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Castile soap through the ages:

Castile soap is a vegetable oil-based hard soap made in style similar to that originating in the Castile region of Spain. It is made by mixing oils extracted from olives with lye and water.

The origins of castile soap go back to the Levant, where Aleppo soap-makers have made hard soaps based on olive and laurel oil for millennia.

After it was brought to Europe, one region of Spain named Castile created high-quality soaps. It became the preferred soap of the Spanish royalty before spreading to other European courts.

The main difference between Aleppo soap and Castile soap is that Castile soap is made only with olive oil.

More Information

More Information
EAN / GTIN 728990708033
Net Weight 3.53 oz (100 g)
Composition Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Orange Essential Oil, Sodium Lactate, Black Pepper Essential Oil
Fragrance Orange Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil


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Castile Soap, Dual Lye - Orange & Black Pepper