Aleppo Soap - 40% Laurel Berry Oil

Experience the luxury of our Aleppo Soap, featuring a high 40% laurel berry oil content. Derived from the Mediterranean bay laurel shrub, the laurel berry oil imparts a unique, warm, spicy, and slightly smoky scent, often likened to nature's perfume.

Our soap, with its hydrating, purifying, and soothing properties, transcends ordinary soaps to become a nurturing skincare solution. Indulge in this timeless treasure and let its earthy, warm, and spicy scent transport you to ancient sun-drenched groves, offering a calming and refreshing bathing experience.

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Immerse yourself in the luxurious bathing experience of our authentic Aleppo Soap, made with an incredibly high laurel berry oil content of 40%. 

Each bar of our soap is a testament to the timeless art of soap-making of the ancient city of Aleppo, where artisans, who have inherited this skill through the generations, meticulously crafted Aleppo soap.

Our soap is a simple yet potent blend of olive oil, lye, water, and laurel berry oil - an essential ingredient that imparts its signature, a rich earthy scent.

Laurel berry oil, the star of our soap, is derived from the large, blossoming shrub known as the bay tree, bay laurel, or simply laurel, native to the Mediterranean region. The oil extraction involves pressing the plant's small, lustrous, black berries and subsequent water extraction, resulting in a rich, thick base oil.

This oil displays a vibrant spectrum of colors, from pale yellow to greenish yellow or olive green, and it brings a unique, warm, spicy, and slightly smoky scent to the soap, often likened to nature's own perfume.

Our customers frequently describe the aroma of our Aleppo soap as unparalleled. It carries the raw, earthy essence of the Mediterranean groves, warmed by the exotic spice akin to black pepper. Some have even likened the scent to the lush, damp moss in Oregon's coast range, a tribute to the soap's deeply grounding and refreshing qualities.

But the laurel berry oil does more than infuse our Aleppo soap with its distinctive scent; it also imbues it with powerful properties. Laurel berry oil has been known for its hydrating, purifying, and soothing properties. This soap is gentle and moisturizing, ideal for sensitive skin. It is also widely used in Middle Eastern cultures to address various skin and hair problems. In a word, it transcends the realm of ordinary soaps to become a nurturing skincare solution.

Treat yourself to the charm of our Aleppo soap, a timeless luxury that cleanses, nourishes, and pampers your skin. Its earthy, warm, and spicy scent will transport you to ancient, sun-drenched groves, offering a bathing experience that is as calming as it is refreshing.

More Information

More Information
EAN / GTIN 0728990708071
Net Weight 3.53 oz (100 g)
Composition Olive Oil, Laurel Berry Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate
Fragrance Unscented. However, Laurel Berry Oil has a naturally earthy scent.


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